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Our blog explores the challenges and opportunities that exist while growing and scaling a digital advertising business.

What it Means to be an Expert Today

Creativity that resonates is the heart of every effective advertising campaign. Whether it’s digital, print, words, tunes, or a single image, strong creative connects brands to people.

It is for this reason that ‘advertising agency’ is synonymous with ‘creative agency’. These are businesses filled with artists of all mediums; from wordsmiths to music producers to graphic designers to videographers. Together, they create the perfect backdrop for a brand.

There are great agencies and there are good agencies. What distinguishes the two? Content. Not just decent content, but striking, compelling, unique content served for the broadest range of clients, regardless of industry. When you consider the brilliance of a ‘Don Draper’ type, it is not his or her deep knowledge of any specific industry or product. Instead, the expertise exists solely in the ability to solve problems and think creatively.

10 Things You Can Do To Scale Your Advertising Agency

It isn’t just one outstanding thing that makes a digital advertising agency rise above others; it is the sum of its parts. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of agencies and noticed some striking similarities in those that successfully scaled, and those that struggled. We’ve compiled our Top 10 list of attributes associated with ad agency growth, and some of the key areas to focus on may surprise you.

Solid Fundamentals Prepare You For Bid Management

If your advertising is simply not performing like it should, the reason is probably not what you think. Most digital marketing agencies will turn to bid management as the first thing to fix, when in reality, it should be the finishing touch. So where do you look to run a large volume, customized, and repeatable ad program with accuracy and efficiency?

The key to success in advertising performance lies in mastering content management. To get a better understanding of where content management intersects with bid management, first we need to explore Google’s mission "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." Google has always been focused on delivering the most relevant results to the searcher, a practice that is built into their monetization model through a process called Quality Score. As defined by Google, “Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.” Translation: Google rewards agencies who focus on delivering the most relevant content to their searchers.

Today’s Ad Platform Dilemma: If You Built It, Will They Come?

If you're like most digital marketing agencies today, you'll start by servicing your clients’ advertising directly in the respective search engines (AdWords, Bing Ads Editor, Facebook Ads Manager). As your agency grows it's client base and Strategists team size, it becomes clear that it is not scalable to continue to grow and operate in this fashion. It is at this point that you'll be faced with the unavoidable fork in the road of whether to build an ad platform internally or partner with a platform provider. …

Cut & Paste is not a strategy

Business is booming. You’re experiencing double digit growth month over month, so you’re hiring 2-3 Strategists a month to keep pace. Chest bump. Your HR team is hard at work scouring LinkedIn and combing through resumes to find the most talented and strategic digital marketers to add to your team. The candidates have heard of your company (and its explosive growth) and can’t wait to get to work to push your client’s strategy to the next level …

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